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Датчики температуры и цифровые термометры фирмы Dallas Semiconductor

Temperature sensors and digital thermometers Dallas Semiconductor

Product Interface Package Calibrated
Resolution Multidrop NV
Special Functions
DS1620 3-wirePDIP8,SOIC8 ±0.5°C> 9 bits No 2 bytes Standalone thermostat
DS1620R 3-wireSOIC16 ±0.5°C> 9 bits No 2 bytes Self-heating by means of internal 50 ohm resistor
DS1621 2-wirePDIP8,SOIC8 ±0.5°C> 9 bits 8 4 bytes
DS1624 2-wirePDIP8,SOIC8 ±0.5°C13 bits 8 256 bytes 256 bytes of E²PROM
DS1629 2-wireSOIC8 ±2.0°C> 9 bits No 2 bytes On-chip Real-Time Clock
DS1720 3-wireSOIC8 ±2.5°C> 9 bits No 2 bytes Low-cost version of the DS1620
DS1721 2-wireSOIC8,µSOP8 ±1.0°C> 9 bits 8 None Relaxed spec, lower-cost DS1621
DS1722 3-wireSOIC8,CSP ±2.0°C> 8 bits No None SPI bus
DS1775 2-wireSOT23-5 ±2.0°C> 9 bits 8 None Lower-cost DS75
DS1780 2-wireTSSOP24 ±2.0°C9 bits 4 None 5 analog inputs,2 tachometer inputs,
Internal DAC for fan speed control
DS1820 1-WirePR35,SSOP16 ±0.5°C> 9 bits Infinite 2 bytes MicroLAN sensor
DS18B20 1-WireTO92,SOIC8,CSP ±0.5°C9-12 bits Infinite 2 bytes Programmable-resolution MicroLAN sensor
DS18S20 1-WireTO92,SOIC8 ±0.5°C> 9 bits Infinite 2 bytes Software-compatible with DS1820
DS1821 1-WirePR35,SOIC8,TO220 ±1.0°C> 8 bits No 2 bytes Standalone thermostat
DS1822 1-WireTO92,SOIC8,CSP ±2.0°C9-12 bits Infinite None Compatible with DS18B20
DS56 AnalogSOIC8,CSP ±2.0°C6.2mV/°CNo None Dual independent thermostat settings
DS60 AnalogSOT23-3 ±2.0°C6.2mV/°CNo None Linear output sensor in SOT23 package
DS75 2-wireSOIC8,µSOP8,CSP ±2.0°C> 9 bits 8 None LM75 pin-compatible