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Компараторы фирмы STMicroelectronics

Comparators STMicroelectronics

Type Temperature
Package No per
Technology Icc/op,
max V
LM2901 -40 to 125DIP14/SO144Bipolar250 3671.3Open collector - low power
LM2903 -40 to 125DIP8/SO82Bipolar200 3671.3Open collector - low power
LM111 -55 to 125DIP8/SO81Bipolar5000 3030.2Open emitter and collector
LM211 -40 to 105DIP8/SO81Bipolar5000 3030.2Open emitter and collector
LM311 0 to 70DIP8/SO81Bipolar5000 3030.2Open emitter and collector
LM119 -55 to 125DIP14/SO142Bipolar8000 3040.08High speed
LM219 -40 to 105DIP14/SO142Bipolar8000 3040.08High speed
LM319 0 to 70DIP14/SO142Bipolar8000 3040.08High speed
LM139 -55 to 125DIP14/SO144Bipolar200 3651.3Open collector - low power
LM239 -40 to 105DIP14/SO144Bipolar200 3651.3Open collector - low power
LM339 0 to 70DIP14/SO144Bipolar200 3651.3Open collector - low power
LM193 -55 to 125DIP8/SO82Bipolar200 3651.3Open collector - low power
LM293 -40 to 105DIP8/SO82Bipolar200 3651.3Open collector - low power
LM393 0 to 70DIP8/SO82Bipolar200 3651.3Open collector - low power
TS339C 0 to 70DIP8/SO84CMOS9 1651.5Open drain - micropower
TS339I -40 to 125DIP8/SO84CMOS9 1651.5Open drain - micropower
TS3702C 0 to 70DIP8/SO82CMOS9 1651.5Push pull - micropower
TS3702I -40 to 125DIP8/SO82CMOS9 1651.5Push pull - micropower
TS3704C 0 to 70DIP14/SO144CMOS9 1651.5Push pull - micropower
TS3704I -40 to 125DIP14/SO144CMOS9 1651.5Push pull - micropower
TS372C 0 to 70DIP8/SO82CMOS150 16100.6Open drain - low power
TS372I -40 to 125DIP8/SO82CMOS150 16100.6Open drain - low power
TS374C 0 to 70DIP14/SO144CMOS150 16100.6Open drain - low power
TS374I -40 to 125DIP14/SO144CMOS150 16100.6Open drain - low power
TS391 -40 to 125SOT23-51Bipolar200 3651.3Open collector - low power
TS393C 0 to 70DIP8/SO82CMOS9 1651.5Open drain - micropower
TS393I -40 to 125DIP8/SO82CMOS9 1651.5Open drain - micropower
TS3V339 -40 to 125DIP14/SO144CMOS9 1651.5Open drain - specified at 3V
TS3V3702 -40 to 125DIP8/SO82CMOS9 1651.5Push pull - specified at 3V
TS3V3704 -40 to 125DIP14/SO144CMOS9 1651.5Push pull - specified at 3V
TS3V393 -40 to 125DIP8/SO82CMOS9 1651.5Open drain - specified at 3V
TS861 -40 to 85DIP8/SO8/
1BiCMOS6 1070.5Rail to Rail push pull - micropower